St Anna's in Augsburg

St Anna's was a church originally for use by Nuns; that is, it was a Kloisterkirche. It is central to Augsburg and on Luther Platz. The church was erected in 1321.

Within the church are two major chapels. The first is the Fugger Chapel commissioned by the Fugger Family and containing Fugger's remains. It was built between 1509 and 1518. Here are pictures:


The next picture is of the Goldsmith's Chapel that dates from 1420. Although hard to see, there are beautiful 15th century frescos on the walls.


Martin Luther stayed at St Anna's when he was told to meet with Cardinal Cajetan at Jacob Fugger's in 1518. All that was needed was for Luther to recant. Luther did not do so.

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September 17, 2007