Families: Hopmann - Remus

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Randolf Hopmann and Dorothea Beata Remus

Ernst Kruger and Louisa Constantia Remus
Peter Kruger and Ursula Remus

Ludwig Lacke and Catharine Elisabeth Remus
Moritz Lacke and Ursula von Suchten
Phillip Lacke and Katherina (Anna) Reichenbach

Benjamin Laillet and Marie Elisabeth Junker
Benjamin Laillet and Florentina Benningk
Isaak Laillet and Perpetua Freder
Martin Laillet and Maria Truhart
Vincentius Laillet and Isabella Roma

Ernst Nixdorf and Catherine Weider
Melichor Nixdorf and Ursula Reichenbach

Matthes Pause

Balthasar Reichenbach and Gerde wife of Batthasar Reichenbach
Hans Reichenbach and Fluilin wife of Hans Reichenbach
Hans Reichenbach and Maria Widemann

Carl Johan Remus and Albertine Elisabeth Gartmann
David Remus and Susanne Maria wife of David Remus
Georg Remus and Maria Egler
Georg Ernst Remus and Susanna Gronau
Georg Ernst Remus and Florentine Nixdorf
Georg Ernst Remus and Anna Elisabeth Reidt
Georg Ernst Remus and Anna Dorothea von Gellen
Martin Remus and Wife of Martin Remus
Martin Remus and Maria Pause
Martin Remus and Regina Gellnitz
Martin Remus and Elisabeth first wife of Martin Remus
Martin Remus and Margareta Fischer
Michael Remus and Margaetha Hempel
Nathanial Remus and Sara Hansdorf
Other Son of Martin Remus
Samuel Remus and Catharine Riepping
Samuel Remus and Anna Concordia Brayne

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