Margonin is a town on the road north from Poznan; it has an early history (prior to 1772) of inviting Germans to work at the manorial farms in the area. Thus I plan to check out the early records for the churches here to try to find early records of my people.

Meanwhile here are pictures of the town starting with a map:

Then a view of the market plaza:

Then an interior view of the Catholic Church:

Here are the Evangelical churchbooks available at the Family History Library:

Taufen 1831-1835 -  FHL INTL Film [ 1194737 Item 3 ]
Taufen 1835-1895 -  FHL INTL Film [ 1194738 ]
Taufen 1895-1944 Heiraten 1835-1943 Toten-Index 1790-1830 (A-P) -  FHL INTL Film [ 1194961 ]
Tote 1790-1884 -  FHL INTL Film [ 1194739 ]
Tote 1884-1942 -  FHL INTL Film [ 1194740 Item 1 ]


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July 30, 2008