Martin Remus at University of Leipzig


Martin Remus the elder attended University of Leipzig. This school prepared students for medicine and theology. The Reformation began around 1525 was unfolding based on the teachings of Martin Luther. Martin Remus the elder attended University of Leipzig so he would have primarily attended the University church, that is, the Paulinerkirche; the university building was attached to the Paulinerkirche.

Here is an old drawing of Paulinerkirche in 1700 but built before Martin Remus' time (27 on the above map).

Here is St Pauls in 1899:

And a picture of its altar from that era:

The leaders of the German Democratic Republic ordered the destruction of Paulinerkirche on 30 May 1968:

The altar that is now in the xxxx church remains as well as several monuments from the church. Here are the pictures:

The location where this church was located is now under construction as shown below and the new Paulinerkirche that is planned is shown also:



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September 24, 2006