Was Carl Julius the Biological Son of Johanes Andersson?

In Exhibit 3 from my trip to Sweden report, I note that Louisa and family had been place in the section for unwed mothers and their families. Carl Julius was born on 12/14/1854 and baptized in Barkeryd Parish church. Anders Johan (Andrew) was born on 4/18/1862 and also baptized in Barkeryd church. Both predate her marriage to Johanes Andersson. The cross through the record shows the legitimatization of the children with her marriage to Johanes August Andersson on 10/11/1862. Thus, it appears as if Johanes Andersson might not have been Carl Julius' biological father and may not have even been Anders Johan's biological father, although clearly their adopted father.

Violet Brudelie reported to me a conversation in 1967 with Oscar, the son of Johanes Andersson's friend Augusta of Kramsang (the author of Exhibit 1). Oscar was certain the Carl Julius and Anders Johan were the true children of Johanes August Andersson because Johanes August insisted it was so. Although Oscar has since passed away, he was a young man when Johanes August Andersson's was alive and knew him well.

We are unlikely to know who Carl Julius' biological father was; even the genealogical search was unable to assist. Oscar reported that Johanes August Andersson was irritated at this question and that is where it should be left. However, one person we met in Sweden suggested that perhaps Carl Julius knew when his biological father when he adopted the family name, Lundgren, in America (there were numerous Lundgren's in the Barkeryd parish). So the question still lives but hopefully Johanes August Andersson rests in peace. Incidentally, Lundgren means "the tree branch."