A Map of the Region

You might note might Nassjo on the map as well as Barkeryd (the church where Johanes August Andersson is buried); they are center left. Find Barkeryd church (+ marks the spot); the home of Reverend Kvist is in the parish house beside the church. Just west 1 km on the road is the Lantbruksmuseum. Going north east towards Hulu takes you past Evert's house (Stromsfors). Continue northeast till you get to the bigger road and you are at the site of Kramsang (home of Johanes August Andersson and the Hakanssons). Just north and east of all of this that is Flisby and Balaryd to be later discussed (Johanes August Andersson's father and mother's parishes). The Immigrant museum at Vaxjo is due south of this area and off the map.