Two Wonderful Museums on Swedish Culture

The Lantbruksmuseum (Old Homestead Museum) is well worth a stop since it contains farm implements (plus old school buildings, old stores, vehicles, and many other things) from the era's of Johanes August Andersson's family.

A Picture of the Lantbruksmuseum

In Stockholm there is a wonderful outdoor museum, Skansen, which has collected real houses and building from all over Sweden and all over Swedish history. One interesting building is the house a wealthy family in Smaland, the area Johanes August Andersson lived in. I often imagine that the owners were part of the oppressive class that drove the sons of Johanes August Andersson from Sweden.

Skansen is a living museum so also there are living exhibits. One that was particularly interesting involved the use of blacksmith's forge put on a wagon. I never understood how blacksmith's (like August Remus, husband of Johanes' granddaughter) could make a living in the farming/small village regions of Europe and this is the answer. Take a long trip with your forge and visit your customers.

Also of note is a tall whipping pole with a chain and neck bracelet added. Put it around the bad guy's neck and let him have it. There is no where to run.

Home of a Wealthy Family in Smaland

Blacksmith's Forge put on a Wagon

Whipping Pole