Babiak was the major Evangelical Church serving the northern part of Russian Poland in which many families lived prior to migrating to Volhynia. The Evangelical church was not established until after these families in the 1833 migration had left. So we find the records of the 1833 migrants in the Catholic Churches even though they were Evangelicals. Unfortunately my camera malfunctioned so I don't have a picture of the Evangelical Church (now a liquor store) but I do have the Catholic Church:




When the Prussians acquired this area in the third partition of Poland, they conducted as census to determine all the taxable residents of each village (that is, residents owning or contracting land). Here is the list for this Babiak Kolonie:

Belkan Johann

Humann Valent

Isack Meier

Jesse Johann

Katzerofski Andreas

Knap Jochen

Knap Johann

Koncka Daniel

Lange Joh.

Moses Jacob

Munnich Martin

Nickel Michel

Pajewski Jacob

Rettmann Michal

Schroeder Christ.

Schultz Paul

Scrivinski Jacob

Sintalski Joseph

Tentzke Christ.




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August 12, 2008