Radziejow Parish

Radziejow was one of the parish churches for many of the small villages that the Spitzer families lived in while in Russian Poland. Here are pictures the town of Radziejow (and my thumb):




Here is a map showing Radziejow in the context of the several other early German settlements in Russian Poland:

After the second partition of Poland in 1794, the Prussians conducted a land census for all of their new acquisitions. On the above map, you will note at least three villages where the Spitzer families lived in 1794 within the Radziejow Parish. These are all southwest of Radziejow; they are Przewoz, Mielnica, Gross Ruczko and Kozki/Smolnik/Schmollnik. This census data is from Reuben Drefs website; it is augmented with data from SGGEE.

1. Przewoz: We find two Spitzer families listed in Przewoz. One was that of the village head (Schultz in German) whose Christian name we do not know; the other is the Gottfried Spitzer family. Here is a list of all those families in Przewoz in 1794:

Spitzer, village schultz (village head)


Busse, Daniel (wife Rosine Schmeichel)

Dobberstein, Christoph (wife Christina Wolter)

Drewes, Gottfried (wife Anna Catherine Tucholke)

Drewes, Johann (wife Anne Rosine Freiter)

Ganas, Bartholomeus (wife Marianne Drews)

Mahnke, village kruger (innkeeper)

Neumann, Andreas

Neumann, Christian

Neumann, Jacob

Rachui, Jacob (wife Anne Rosine or Elisabeth)

Spitzer, Gottfried (AKA Friedrich) (wife Anna Elisabeth Albrecht)

Vergin (Fergin), Gottfried

Click here to see the 1794 Przewoz Census record.

2. Mielnica: Another Gottfried Spitzer family lived in Mielnica. Residents include:

Bartz, Johann

Bausch, Johann

Beschke, Erdtman

Boes, Johann

Dahlcke, Michael

Fercho, Casimir

Gericke, Mathias

Goczkowski, Thomas

Hayek, Johann

Idler, Joseph

Jahn, Gottlieb

Kriszczinski, Stanisl.

Krueger, Michael

Kutzmann, Erdtman

Kutzmann, Martin

Lichtefeldt, George

Nuerenberg, Christoph

Nuerenberg, Michael (Marianne Ziegenhagen)

Reiter, Johann

Runke, Christian

Schtz, Michael

Solanowski, Thomas

Spitzer, Gottfried


3. Gross Ruczko: This village is named Rudzk (Ruczko in German). There were two Ruczkos in the census, Gross (Large) and Klein (Small). Note the presence of Johan Spitzer in the former Gross Ruczko following:

Albrecht, Martin (wife Anne Rosalie)


Drews, Christoph (Wife Anna Klingbeil)

Franciskowa, Wittwe (widow)

Friedrich, Christoph (wife Katherine Seidlitz)

Friedrich, Michael (wife Rosine Drews)



Henke, Martin (wife Marianne Siede)

Klingbeil, Christian (wife Anna Catherine Nickel)


Moller (Mueller?), Johann

Ritter, Andreas (wife Anna Catherine Stephan)

Schmidt, Johann (wife Christine Tucholke)

Schultz, Johan Gottfried (wife Anna Catherine Behnke)

Spitzer, Johann (wife Anna Rosine Giese)

Stibbe, Johann (wife Elisabeth)

Tucholke, Andreas (wife Anne Marianne Hennig)

Klein Ruczko

Angowski, Felix

Busse, Martin



Germasinen Wife

Jaysczak, Peter

Josephowa, Wife


Racziniewski, Wawrzon

Racziniewski, Wife

Raczinjewski, Matthias


Szcepanski, Simon


Thomkin, Wife (Tomm?)


4. Schmollnik, Hollandry: The Lorenz Spitzer family lived in "Schmollnik, Hol." in 1794 (Hollandry implies the right of village self-governance). The 1794 Land Census only list 3 family in that village:

Kruger, Math.

Richter, Andreas

Spitzer, Lorentz (wife Anna Rosina Falk)


Three people sounds like a pretty small village but additionally there are 13 people in Kozki/Smolnik (The German Schmollnik is a reasonable alternative Polish Smolnik). Here are the residents:

Erdmann, Christoph

Erdmann, Friedrich

Erdmann, Jacob

Erdmann, Martin

Erdmann, Michael (wife Marianne Meller)

Friedrich, Martin

Hiefke, Matthias

Mueller, Michael

Reske, George

Reuss, Christoph

Reuke, Andreas

Roloff, Stanislaus

Schmidt, Johan



Which is the correct 1794 village for the Spitzer family of Volhynia. The patriarch Andreas Spitzer's eldest son Michael was listed as having been born in "Schamanika." That is the closest in spelling to another village named Schamaniek and not very close to option 4 Schmollnik.


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