Tigerton, Wisconsin

When the residents of Romansdorf immigrated to America, they settled initially in Gillett, Arkansas and Tigerton, Wisconsin. Tigerton was home to the Lehmann, Krassin, and Hoffmann families. Here is a picture of the Lutheran church these families attended.

My maternal grandfather Ludwig Hoffmann settled here on a farm across the road from the Lehmann farm and Krassin farm. Click here for a picture of the Ludwig Hoffmann family in the 1940's. The Hoffmann home is shown in the following picture


It is gone but the home site remains:

Some of the outbuildings remain:

And the waterway at the back of the farm remains.

This is a difficult farming area since the land has lots of stones and is hilly. The removal of stones has continued over the last 100 years as the stones work though the soil to the top level. So the land is good for farm animals but a problem for crops that require modern equipment to grow.

Here is a picture of the nearby Krassin farm:


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August 25, 2011