Gallery of Alt Sapust, Alt Dubisch, and Tarnawola

These villages are along the eastern shore of the Styr River as shown in the following map.


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Below is the bridge on the River Styr in Rozyszcze looking toward the villages.

The Villages Are On The Right Side of the River

This Is the Former Location of the Lutheran Church Headquarters

In Rozyszcze, Volhynia. It is next to the Bridge Above.

The Village Square in Rozyszcze

Alt Dubisch was totally rebuilt after the war.

This is a more traditional house from that village.

Recently new modern homes have been built here for the Chernobyl victims.

(Chernobyl is nearby)

The Akers and I noting the disappearance of Tarnawola

And its replacement with a Communal Farm

Recently transformed to a chicken factory.

Looking down the road at the former village of Tarnawola

Now a chicken farm

(Picture by Ron Akers)

The Tuchmacher Style House in the Old Tuchmacher Village of Alt Sapust.

Behind the House is a Stream Suitable for Processing the Flax.

Across the Street is the Necessary Sandy Alkaline Soil for Growing Flax.