Arrival of August Remus in Canada

The intrepid group of travelers arrived in Quebec, Canada on the British ship Polynesian (see note at the end of this document) captained by A. McDougall in June of 1891. The passenger manifest is preserved in the Canadian National Archives and is available of the Mormonís Family History Library (microfilm 889461). The manifests for many ships are listed in only approximate date order; this ship has a mid June date (June 18th, 1891).

August Remus (laborer, age 51) and wife Wilhelmine (nee Haarwardt) (age 55) arrived with son August (laborer, age 21), daughter Wilhelmine (age 19), son Rudolph (laborer, age 17), son Karl (age 15), daughter Ernestine (age 11), son Adolf (age 8), son Edward (age 7), son Reinhold (age 4), and daughter Maria (age 2). Augustís eldest son Wilhelm Remus (laborer, age 22) and wife Maria (nee Deutschlander) (age 25) are next listed with their son Reinhold (infant). They eventually settled in Emerson, Manitoba, Canada.

Carl Kadtas (name indistinct) (laborer, age 51) with wife Wilheilmine (age 50) and children Ferdinand (age 19), Paul (age 11), and Mathilda (age 8) are then listed. Then follows Wilhelm Bleich (name indistinct) (laborer, age 42) and wife Emilie (age 27) and children Pauline (age 8) and Alberta (age 3).

Next Wilhelm Biderman (laborer, age 57) with wife Amalie (nee Haarwardt) (age 53) and son Reinhold (laborer, age 20) are listed. Their daughter Pauline Emilie is listed as part of the Freidrich Schultz family below. They settled in Leduc, Alberta, Canada. Following them is Wilhelm Jeske (laborer) (he is mentioned in the Deutschlander story by Rosa Clausen-Mohr) with wife Emilie and children Hugo, Paul (age 9), Bertha (age 4), Alberta (age 3), and Herman (an infant). The manifest shows that all those listed so far are heading to Winnipeg.

Erna Kreurz (name indistinct) who is also heading to Winnipeg is next; then follows one person going to Montreal by steamer and apparently not part of the group. Then is listed Julius Tonisner (name indistinct) heading to Winnipeg.

All of the remainder of this list are heading to Winnipeg. Two sons of August Schultz are also on this journey, Ludwig and Freiderich. Ludwig Schultz (laborer, age 35) with wife Juliana (age 36) and children Emilie (age 11), Bertha (age 9), Rudolf (age 8), Gustof (age 6), Mathilda (age 4), unreadable but probably Ida (age 2), and unreadable (an infant). Othe following page. Freidrich Schultz (laborer, age 27) with wife Pauline Emilie (nee Bidermann) (age 24) and children Mathilda (age 3), Alberta (age 2), and Bertha (an infant). Freidrich Schultz and family settled in Leduc, Alberta, Canada.

Note: The British conducted a major business transporting immigrants. The entire group above was picked up in Hamburg and transported by ship to Hull, England. They traveled by train to Liverpool and then onward by ship to the US, Canada, and the rest of the world by ship. The immigrants poured into Hull from not only Hamburg but also from Gotenburg (where Swedes such as the Lundgrens of Langenburg took British ships onward).