Ozorkow is a village just north of Lodz. It was once a small village but was expanded in the early 1800's to accommodate the German cloth makers invited to establish a cloth making industry inside Congress Poland (Poland occupied by Russia). Here is a map of the new village plan circa 1820. The plaza towards the top is where the Lutheran Church sat. The plaza central and left was the market plaza and the location of the Catholic Church. The little black boxes only the sides of the streets show cloth maker cottages with fields behind them.

(Click the map to blow it up)

Note all the small cloth maker houses established along the major streets.

My interest in this village is that the Deutschlander family (my great aunt was Maria Deutschlander) lived there prior to moving to Volhynia in the 1860's. Here are some pictures of the Market Plaza and the 1884 Catholic Church:


Here is the 1842 Lutheran Church:


 Here are some pictures of old houses in Ozorkow:


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August 9, 2004