Berlinchen (Barlinek), Kreis Soldin, Neumark, Brandenburg

Berlinchen (Barlinek) was a walled town surrounded by a mote. This town was created by the Dukes of Brandenburg in 13th century. The town walls date to the 14th century. The town was 50% destroyed in the Second World War and rebuilt. The pictures show only a small section of wall on the lakeshore. The central market plaza is also shown.

It had 13th century church which was initially Catholic, became Lutheran after 1534, and returned to being a Catholic church following the Second World War. The church was rebuilt in 1880's and after the Second World War. I particularly liked the lovely blue vaulted ceiling of the church.

My interest in this town is because a Remus family had significant events happen in this town. Some if not all of the family moved on to Stargard Gottberg, Kreis Pyritz, Pommern Here are details (much is from

1. JOHAN DAVID1 REMUS was born 1789, and died 31 Oct 1854 in Berlinchen, Neumark. He married LOUISE FLÜGEL Bef. 1805. She was born Abt. 1789, and died 29 Nov 1847 in Berlinchen, Neumark.

Children of JOHAN REMUS and LOUISE FLÜGEL are:

2. i. MARIE2 REMUS, b. 10 Apr 1805; d. 20 Mar 1840, Stargard Gottberg, Pyritz, Pommern.

ii. HANNE LOUISE REMUS, b. Mar 1816, Berlinchen, Neumark (see note for children); d. 10 Dec 1848, Berlinchen, Neumark; m. JOHANN CHRISTIAN FRIEDRICH SCHIEFELBEIN, 19 Apr 1841, Berlinchen, Neumark; b. Abt. 1812; d. 13 Dec 1848, Berlinchen, Neumark.

Caroline Wilhelmine SCHIEFELBEIN * 1841 in - Berlinchen, + 1841 in - Berlinchen

Johann Christian Friedrich SCHIEFELBEIN * 1842 in - Berlinchen (Johanneshöh), + 1842 in - Berlinchen (Johanneshöh)

Juliane Auguste SCHIEFELBEIN * 1843 in - Berlinchen (Johanneshöhe)

Johann Christian Friedrich SCHIEFELBEIN * 1845 in - Berlinchen, + 1846 in - Berlinchen

Friedrich Wilhelm SCHIEFELBEIN * 1848 in - Berlinchen

3. iii. CHRISTIAN FRIEDRICH REMUS, b. 18 May 1818; d. 16 Jan 1846, Berlinchen, Neumark.

iv. HENRIETTE REMUS, b. Abt. 1824; d. 12 Dec 1848, Berlinchen, Neumark.

v. JUSTINE LUISE REMUS, b. Abt. 1825, (see note for child); m. WILHELM FRIEDRICH BENSKE, 10 Feb 1850, Berlinchen, Neumark; b. Abt. 1820, Chursdorf.

Karl Friedrich August BENSKE

* 25.04.1852 in - Berlinchen

+ 10.09.1853 in - Berlinchen

Generation No. 2

2. MARIE2 REMUS (JOHAN DAVID1) was born 10 Apr 1805, and died 20 Mar 1840 in Stargard Gottberg, Pyritz, Pommern. She married DANIEL KRUGER Bef. 1834. He was born Bef. 1805.

Children of MARIE REMUS and DANIEL KRUGER are:

i. ERNESTINE CAROLINE HENRIETTE3 KRUGER, b. 06 Dec 1834, Stargard Gottberg, Pyritz, Pommern.

ii. HERMAN GUSTAV KRUGER, b. 29 Apr 1837, Stargard Gottberg, Pyritz, Pommern.

3. CHRISTIAN FRIEDRICH2 REMUS (JOHAN DAVID1) was born 18 May 1818, and died 16 Jan 1846 in Berlinchen, Neumark. In 1841 he was a shepherd. He married FLORENTINE WILHELMINE AMALIA PEGELOW 10 Aug 1841 in Prillwitz, Pyritz, Pommern. She was born 1819.


i. CHRISTIAN FRIEDRICH3 REMUS, b. 01 Oct 1841, Berlinchen, Neumark.

ii. HENRIETTE WILHELMINE REMUS, b. 26 Feb 1844, Klein Golmin, Neumark; m. HERRMANN SCHMIDT; b. Bef. 1844.



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