Borkowo, Kreis Dirshau, West Prussia

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The village of Borkowo was a manorial farm. It became immortalized during the onset of the Black Plague. While those in nearby villages died with the plague, this village prayed to and made processions with this icon:

Here is a close-up of the icon:

The village was spared.

Later Remus family members settled in this village and worked at the manorial farm. The farm is now just industrial buildings but the entrance and some of the barns remain:


The villagers attend the Catholic Church in Nowa Cerkiew where the image had a place at the altar and where the events were depicted in wall painting. Nowa Cerkiew is shown at the bottom of the map below near freeway A1/E37. The village of Borkowo is about 2 miles south of Nowa Cerkiew.


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July 19, 2012