Rathsdamnitz (Debnica Kaszubska), Kreis Stolp, Pommern

This town was established in the 12th century. Since the 16th century, it had an important paper mill noted for the quality of its paper. The mill closed in the 1930ís and during the Second World War the mill buildings were used to assemble Messerschmitt engines.

Debnica Kaszubska is of interest to me as it contained a Remus family. I don't know any details on the patriarch of this family but I do know a little about four of his children:

1. The DEBENICA PATRIARCH1 was born Bef. 1781. Here are his children:

i. HELENE MARIE2 REMUS, b. Bef. 1801; m. WILHELM FERDINAND WOJESKY, 09 Mar 1819, Debenica Kasubia; b. Bef. 1801.

2. ii. ANTON REMUS, b. Bef. 1805.

iii. MARTIN REMUS, b. 1807; d. 07 Feb 1830.

iv. ANNA REMUS, b. Bef. 1816.

More About ANNA REMUS:

Residence: 1830, Neu Prag

Generation No. 2

2. ANTON2 REMUS (DEBENICA PATRIARCH1) was born Bef. 1805. He married WILHELMINE HENRIETTE KRAUSE Bef. 1825. She was born Bef. 1807.


i. EDUARD HERMANN3 REMUS, b. 10 Apr 1825, Damnitz, Debenica Kasubia; m. WILHELMINE ERNESTINE GLINKE, 29 Jan 1846, Gross Dubsow, Stolp, Pommern; b. 1819.

ii. ALBERT WILHELM REMUS, b. 14 Jan 1827, Damnitz, Debenica Kasubia.


Baptism: Godparent Martin Remus of Pugierwuse?

iii. AUGUSTE CHRISTINE REMUS, b. 12 Feb 1828, Damnitz, Debenica Kasubia; d. 17 Feb 1828, Damnitz, Debenica Kasubia.

iv. WILHELMINE CAROLINE REMUS, b. 26 Oct 1830, Damnitz, Debenica Kasubia.

v. WERNER GOTTFRIED FERDINAND REMUS, b. 06 May 1833, Damnitz, Debenica Kasubia.

vi. CARL WILHELM REMUS, b. 04 Sep 1835, Damnitz, Debenica Kasubia; d. 07 Sep 1835, Damnitz, Debenica Kasubia.

It also is not clear how the children relate to the other Remus families in the area.

The church dates from 1584 and was redone in the 1780ís. It was Corpus Christi on the day we visited the village. So pictures of the church are intermixed with pictures of the procession and altars external to the church. Here are the pictures:




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