Falmierowo (Charlottenburg), Kreis Wirsitz, West Prussia

Falmierowo is a manorial village in Kreis Wirsitz. I just encountered it during my travelers but if you wish to contact Robin Holloway <> you can find out a great deal more. Click here for Robin�s scan of a picture of the old estate house (gut).

Recently Robin traveled to his village and here two pictures of the gut. The first is the front with an extension. The second is the old rear of the house now used as the front of the house. Like many of the estates in Poland, it has been repurposed. In this case to house mentally retarded women.

Here is a picture of the barns of the estate and 2 maps of the area:



 The barns you see above, are labeled a, b and c below:


The manor house (gut) shown as number 38 above can be seen as a pdf file by clicking here.


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September 17, 2007