Kasia Grycza

Kasia was my guide for much of the West Prussia, Danzig, and Nietze adventure. For those of you wanting to see your ancestral villages in those areas, I highly recommend her. Among her many virtues are that:

It is important to try to do genealogical research prior to your arrival. In that way, you will know and be able to visit all the right villages. There is nothing a great as being there. She can also help you in advance by consulting local church books and resources to help you find out more about your family.

Her 2002 costs were very modest for either genealogical research or travel to the villages. The personal genealogical travel guidance she offers was cheaper for me than packages tours - and of course very personalized (you go only where you want to go).

You can contact Kasia at <>.

Here are some pictures of Kasia in action in Danzig.

Kasia in Danzig

 Kasia in Smiardowo


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August 8, 2004