Lippehne (Lipiany), Kreis Soldin, Neumark, Brandenburg

Lippehne (Lipiany) is a walled town that was surrounded by a mote. The Dukes of Brandenburg created this town in 13th century. The town walls date to the 14th century. Only 39 houses in the town were destroyed in the Second World War so many of the older buildings remain. The pictures show the two main gates to the town. The central market plaza and town hall are also shown.

One interesting item in the town is the water fountain that shows the local people enjoying their beer. Here it is:

An interesting picture shown the old walls underlying the apparently new stucco walls in the town.

It had 13th century church which was initially Catholic, became Lutheran after 1534, and returned to being a Catholic church following the Second World War. The church was rebuilt many times.


Here is a map of the modern town:

CARL FRIEDRICH REMUS, was born 13 Jun 1819 and was baptized in Lippehne, Neumark, Brandenburg. He was the son of MICHAEL FRIEDRICH REMUS and REGINE SCHULTZE.


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October 2, 2010