Martin Remus the younger of Grossenhain, Saxony left in the late 1580's after matriculating at University of Leipzig. We next find him in Stolp on the north coast of the Pommern, first as a teacher in the gymnasium and later as be became an ordained Lutheran minister there in 1588. In due course he was called be a pastor in Danzig. Here is a 1630 map of Stolp.

Stolp of today is pretty much like the Stolp of 1630 shown above except that the walls have been replaced with roads and the old Rathaus (City Hall) inside the walls has been replaced with a modern one outside the walls.

The church at the center of Stolp was the 13th century Marienkirche; this is likely where Martin Remus was ordained. Here are pictures of that church:


The old school (gymnasium) was at corner of the today's church square and the Butterstrasse (see the map above and look for Lat. School, that is, Latin School). It was originally a school for monks and one of the oldest buildings in Stolp in 1590. In 1596 work was begun on a new school to replace the old school at the same location. Martin Remus would have taught at Old Latin School in 1588.

The Old Latin School would have been at this corner (shown above is the post office across from Marienkirche above), but to the left. In the picture of me with umbrella at Marienkirche above, I am looking at the post office and the site of the Latin school to the left. Luckily, Uwe Kerntopf <> who maintains a website on Stolp had a 1910 picture of the Old Latin School and here it is:

The school is no longer in the old building but instead this newer one:

Near the bottom of the map is Jacek kirche that is shown below:

Near Jacek kirche is the Mill, shown here with the old Castle (Schloss) in the background. The next picture is of the Schloss:

The map above shows walls with towers originally surrounded the city. Here is a picture of the mill and south tower. Then a picture of the west gate and then the east wall:



The City Hall (Rathaus) is relatively modern but of a Pommern style:



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