Gross Tuchen, Kreis Butow, Pommern



Gross Tuchen (Tuchomie) is a village that was home to the Loraff and other families that eventually migrated to Volhynia before going to Michigan, USA. Here is a modern map of the village:



There are two churches in the village. The church to the left on the above was originally clearly Lutheran and was associated with my families. Here is a picture of that church from the street:




The entrance to the church is very colorful and interesting:



Here is a picture of the altar as it is no longer a Lutheran church:




And lastly and interestingly there is a plaque on the wall about the Loraff family of Bridgman, Michigan:



The village is quite big:



So there is another church which has been continuously a Catholic church:



Here is its altar:



Church books are available still for both churches so good research can be done on families of either faith. Most of the families who worked on the great estates in Kreis Butow moved from estate to estate in the 1800�s before going to Volhynia and/or America so it takes a while to chase them around.


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September 1, 2014