Collected Details from the 1772 West Prussia Land Census


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Below are Reuben Drefs' translations of the Remus family data from the 1772 West Prussia Land Census. Information has also been added from Otto Goerke's Der Kries Flatow (DKF), Bernicke's Zeitschrift bes Historischen Bereins fur der Reg.=Bezirk Marienwerder (ZBS), and the Krojanke Tax Records. In each case you have the Last Name, First Name, Town, Amt, County, Film Number, Section Number, and page Number.

Zempelburg Area (Waldau 1765 population 153 Catholics, 246 Lutherans)

Remus, Christoph Waldau Cammin 18113047 6039 227 51

Remuss, Christoph Waldau Cammin 18113047 6041 115 51(duplicate)

Christoph Remuss is living with wife (Eva Meske), two sons (Martin and Franz), three daughters (Marianna, Eva and Christine); there are seven in household. Christoph is listed under a column labeled Halbbauern/literally half farmer. So he had some other work and farmed half time. Christoph was the father of Daniel (below).

Most of his older children were born in Vorwerk Lukowo, an extension of the village of Sypniewo that he managed until about 1744 when he began to move to Waldau. Lukowo has a lovely lakeside location that is 3.5 kilometers east of Sypniewo. Christoph also had responsibilities in the village of Ossowo where the land was in his and his descendant's name (see Ossowo below). He was the son of Johan Remus and Christine Behrent (see Lanken below). In 1749, Ludwica Dzialynski of Sypniewo owned the land.

Daniel Remus Waldau Cammin 18113047 6039 227 51

Daniel Remuss Waldau Cammin Zempelberg 18113047 6041 115 51 (duplicate)

Johan Daniel was living with wife (Dorothea Runk), two daughters (likely Marianna Elisabeth and Anna Dorothea), and two hired male farm workers. He was a kruger - a tavern keeper - and also farmed. He was born in Lukowo, see his father Christoph Remus above.

Remus, Peter Waldau Cammin 18113047 6039 227 51

Remuss, Peter Waldau Cammin 18113047 6041 115 51 (duplicate)

Paechter des Vorwerks, Peter Remus; living with wife (Barbara Juliana Zyck/Pufal), three sons (my gggrandfather Daniel, Christoph, and Johan Georg), one daughter (Anna Maria), two hired male workers, and three hired female workers. There were a total of 11 in household. Peter died in 1778 and his wife Barbara married Johan Christian Grugel of Insdorf (Doringsdorf?) in nearby Konitz Parish.

Paechter des Vorwerks means renter of an extension of the village some distance from the village. Since his sons were all shepherds, perhaps the latter living arrangement may reflect being shepherds. Peter was the son of Johan Kaspar of Smierdau below. Peter appears as a godparent in the church books of Sypniewo for a birth in Vorwerks Lukowo.

Vansburg Area

Remus, ? Zbojen Cammin 18113047 6039 244 2580

Remus, ? Zbosen Cammin Flatow 18113047 6041 123 2580 (duplicate)

Zbosse was a very early place in West Prussia to become both German and Lutheran. There was a Lutheran prayer house in Zbosse as early as 1620; it was disestablished in 1714 by Polish law. DKF lists a Peter Remus getting schultzenprivileg for Zbosse in 1718. The details are in LDS microfilm 491232 that shows a copy in German of a 14 June 1718 document. Peter is buying the Schultzprivileg and the estate Lehmanngut from his brother in law Martin Gieus; Martin Gieus may be from the prominent Gieus family of Danzig that had land holdings in the area or Martin Gies of Kries Schlochau. Johan Jacob Potulicke owned the property.

The above Peter is the father of the Peter in the census. The Peter in the census received the above property plus 4 farms in this village and 8 farms in nearby Wissoka from his father on 18 January 1748. This privileg is shared with Peter Scharmer. Alexander Pottilice owned the property.

The Zbosse church book names Peter Remus as the Schultz during this period. The census says that the Schultz (Peter) was living with wife (Catharina Thoms), two sons (Johan Ludwig and Peter), three daughters (Dorothea Elisabeth, Anna Marie, and Catharina), five hired male workers, and three hired female workers; there were fifteen in household. This Peter is not the same Peter shown for Waldau above. The Germanized village name Zbosse is probably from the Polish Zboze meaning grain.

Remus, Johann Wantzburg Cammin 18113047 6039 221 48

Remus, Johann Wantzburg Cammin 18113047 6041 112 48 (duplicate)

Johann David Remus, son of Lorenz Christoph Remus (see Schwente below), is living with his wife (Rosina Busse) and one son (?). There were three in household. He is under the heading Burger/citizens followed by word -cker, which could be the word Acker/farmer (one who has acreage). He was also a magistrate in Wantzburg.

Hoppa, ? Kl. Wollwitz Cammin Zempelburg 18113047 6041 122 58

Hoppa, ? Wollwitz Cammin 18113047 6039 240 58 (duplicate)

This family consists of a man (Caspar), a wife (Barbara Elisabeth Remus daughter of Peter Remus the elder of Zbosse), three sons (one of which is Peter), one daughter (Eva Rosina), two hired male workers, and one hired female worker. There are nine in household. The two other sons may be Peter's contemporaries Daniel and Johan located in a nearby parish (Prust).

Ramus Runowo Grabionne - 11 - 220

This family consists of the head of household ((Johan) Adalbert Remus), his wife (variously listed as Magdelena, Anna, Dorothea and Elisabeth), two sons (Martin born 1770 in Wiele and ?), two daughters (Christina born 1761 in Czarnum and Elisabeth born 1772 in Roscimin), two hired female workers and two hired male workers. In 1775 Adalbert and Dorothea had twin daughters Dorothea and Elisabeth in Roscimin.


Crojanke Area (near Flatow)

Remus, Casper Smierdau Crojanke 18113050 6039 390 28

Casper was living with wife (second wife Ludovica/Louise), six sons (3 over 12 years old (Michael, ? and ?) and 3 under 12 years old (Johan, Adalbert, and Gottfried), one hired male worker, and one hired female worker. There were ten in household. ZBS (p. 60) says the "Dorfkrug" was acquired by Martin Remus on 18 November 1749 and later passed to his son Casper who was then living in Preuss Friedland. Martin probably was the kruger prior to 1749. The dorfkrug also included as much land as that held by a regular farmer. The tavern (krug) was located about one third of the way from Flatow to Vandsburg on the main road; it burned down around 1859. Augustin Dzialynski of Pottlitz owned the land.

Remus, Schulze Schwente Crojanke 18113050 6039 372

Schwente is a Germanized version of the Polish Swieta meaning holy hill; this refers to the tumuli (prehistoric sand mountain) near the center of the village. DKF (p. 295) says the Schulzengut was acquired on 2 August 1751 by Martin Remus and his wife Katharina nee Nitz. Martin's son Christoph Remus (who died in 1777) followed Martin Remus. Franz Remus, who sold the land on 24 March 1796, followed. Gottlieb Remus "Freikrüger aus Schmirdau" (see above - Caspar's son) bought the land back again briefly some time after 1804 and sold it again on 13 October 1806. Krüger means publican/tavern keeper.

The Schultz above is most likely Martin Remus living with wife (Katharina Nitz), two sons over 12 years old (Christoph and Franz), one daughter under 12 years old (?), another daughter over 12 years old (Helena), two hired male workers, and one hired female worker; there were nine in household. The Schultz for this census could also be his son Christoph. Franz later sold the privilege and took up residence in Vandsburg; it is Franz’s family that is shown in DGB. Augustin Dzialynski of Pottlitz owned the land.

In the text of the 1773 Krojanke tax records report Schultz Remus' complaints about sandy soil which needed lots of compost and about the fact that his position of Schultz was not inheritable by his sons. This may have been why this Remus family left Schwente.

DKF associates this village with two simultaneous Schwente Frieschultz, Martin Remus from 1751 onward and David Wenski from 1732 onward; they both had large sections of land at the head of the village. Marianna Wenski (David's sister) married Lorenz Christoph Remus of Vorwerk Lukowo suggesting that Lorenz maybe may be the brother of Martin. Lorenz Christoph apparently had moved to a gut in nearby Vorwerk Gnielke just across the border by the time of the 1772 census (and died there).

Remus Lorentz Kleindorf/Dreidorf Grabionne 9 - 218

Lorenz Christoph Remus was formerly the Schultz of Lukowo near Sypniewo. Later in his life he moved to a gut (estate) in Gnielke near Dreidorf. This record shows him as head of household, with his wife (Marianna Wenski - see below) and one daughter (Christina). When he died the gut was inherited by Christina and her husband Johan Schlieper. Lorentz was most likely Martin's brother (see above).

Wenski, Daniel Schwente Crojanke 18113050 6039 372

David Wenski was Schultz (wife Sussanna Splittgerber) beginning on 4 January 1732. His son Daniel is shown in the census; he was living with wife (Anna Dorothea Tonn), 2 daughters (Susanna and Eva) and 2 male hired workers, and 2 female hired workers at the time of the census. It is likely that Daniel’s sister married Lorenz Christoph Remus. (See Schwente and Waldowo). And see his ancestral village of Wusters in Schlochau below.

Remus, Freischulz Ossowo Crojanke 18113050 6039 386 24

DKF (pp. 284-285) says the Schulz of this village was a Remus as far back as 1706; the village was also known as Aspenau. The estate (Schultzengut) included the small lake known as Czarnice (czarny = black) - probably the Teufelsee or devil's lake - on the Schultzengut. This Frieschultz had 4 times the land allotment of the ordinary village farmer (bauer). Augustin Dzialynski of Pottlitz owned the land.

ZBS records that Christian Remus purchased this Schulzengut on 11 July 1754 for 2600 tymp by buying out the interests of his widowed mother Christine Beherent and his brothers. Thus, the schultzengut must have been in the name of his late father Johan Remus and this transaction was designed to settle the estate. Christian got an inheritable lease on the property on Ossowo.

The Freischulz was living with his wife (Anna Dorothea Warmbier), two sons over 12 years old (Johan and ?), one daughter under 12 years old (?), four hired male workers, and two hired female workers. There were 11 in the household. It is not clear who the Schulz was in Ossowo during the 1772 census; one would think the Schultz must be one of Christian's sons or brothers. The later Schultzes were Johan Remus (wife Eleanora Weis) in 1798 and his son Karl Remus (wife Clara Radies) after 1810. See LDS 491164 for Ossowo village in the Krojanke tax records.


Lanken in Kries Schlochau (modern Lakie) Johan Remus purchased an estate (Gut) in Lanken on 20 April 1724 for 3750 tymp (ZBS p. 13); his wife was Christine nee Berendt. Jakob Nehring acquired the gut on 24 March 1752 for 7000 tymf (ZBS p. 14); Johan Remus had died prior to this transaction. Jakob Nehring married Eva Rosina Remus, daughter of Frantz Remus of Stretzin below. So the Remus genes, if not the name, were still present. Deutsches Geschlechterbuch (vol. 140, p. 132) says Jakob was Frieschultz of Lanken in 1775; the Nehrings did not sell the schultzengut until 1799. Alexander Dzialynski of Pottlitz owned the land in 1724 and Augustin Dzialynski owned the land in 1752. The land census record for Jakob is:

*Naehring, ? Lanken Crojanke 18113050 6039 381 21

He presently lives in a household consisting of himself, one woman, three sons, one daughter, two hired male workers and two female hired workers. He is a schultze - mayor, magistrate, or collector for the ruler.


Schlochau Parish

The Remus family also was in nearby Schlochau parish even earlier than then they were in the Flatow, Lukowo, Schwente, and Vandsburg above.

Remus, Frantz Stretzin Schlochau 18113097 6041 757 60

Frantz was living with wife (Anna Catharina ?), 2 sons (Frantz and Michael), 1 daughter (Catharina), 4 male hired workers, and 3 female hired workers. Franz was born in 1711 and died in 1797. The 1782 to 1788 tax records show no Remus in this village. Stretzin has an old church built by the Teutonic Knights prior to 1500 and is not far from Lanken and Ossowo; the church records are at Preuss Friedland.

Remuss, Michael Polnitz Schlochau 18113097 6041 763 55

Michael was living with wife (Catherine Klotz), 2 sons (Johan Georg and Michael), and 2 daughters (Maria Elisabeth and Catherine). The Michael in the 1772 census is NOT the son of an earlier Michael in this village who had recently moved to Okiersk (see below). 1782 finds the later Michael of Polnitz paying taxes on 20 wild rabbits that he took.

Klawiter, Peter Bucholtz Schlochau 18113096 6041 743 42

Widower Peter Klawitter married Susanna Remus, the daughter of Franz Remus of Stretzin, in Buchholz. They moved to Zbosse and he became Schultz for the village (Susanna's likely uncle Peter Remus was the Schultz after 1718). The 1772 census found Peter Klawitter, Susanna, two sons (Martin and Johan), one daughter (?), two hired male workers, and one hired female worker; there were eight in household. Martin Klawitter became Schultz in Zbosse after his father Peter Klawitter.

August Blanke in his 1936 book on Kries Schlochau says that Peter Klawitter was originally the landlord of the tavern in Buchholz. Around 1783 Peter Klawitter exchanged the Buchholz Krug for the Zbosse Frieschulzengut (the village head's house) with the Remus family of Zbosse. Johan Remus became the Kruger of Buchholz and is so shown in 1791. So this Johan Remus is the prior Zbosse Schultzengut resident Peter Remus' eldest son Johan Ludwig Remus (b. 1763). Why this swap occurred is not clear but it happened just after a fire badly burned the village of Zbosse.

Johan Ludwig Remus married Ann Koeppen. He soon died and Ann married Johan Halweg and later Andreas Janke. According to Blanke, this property in Buchholz remained in that family into the 20th century - that is, the property was lost to the Remus family.


Both of the following are Christian Freidrich Rotzol and his wife Marie Elisabeth Remus (daughter of Frantz Remus of Stretzin above):

Rotzol, Christ.         Krojanten        Schlochau             18113094 6041     664       2782

He presently lives in a household consisting of himself, one woman, 2 sons under 12 (Samuel and ?), one daughter above 12 (Margarete Elisabeth), one daughter below 12 (Anna Dorothea), and 4 hired male workers and one hired female worker. This village is Krojanken, Kries Konitz.

Rotzol, Christ.         Powalcke        Schlochau             18113095 6041     723       2589

He presently lives in a household consisting of three male workers and two female hired workers. He is an arrend - tenant of an estate. The estate owner does not live in this household so this is also Christian Freidrich Rotzol living in nearby Krojanten. This village is Powalke, Kries Konitz.

Wieckowski, Oberst von Wusters Schlochau 18113044 6041 41 16

He lives with his wife, two hired female workers and two hired male workers. No children and six in household. This head of household is listed as Eigentuemer/owner. Daniel Wenski above in Schwente was from a minor Polish noble family that owned Wusters and was originally from Wienskowo. Oberst is the rank equivalent of Colonel. The Wenski branch converted to Evangelical Lutheranism and became Schultz for Schwente.

The following Remus families are not fully identified; there are no continuing records on them in their 1772 villages.

Remus, Johan Jakubowo Schlochau 18113094 6041 663 2783

Living with wife, 1 son over 12, 3 sons under 12, and one daughter under 12. In the 1772 census Johan is the only head of household listed in Jakubowo (Jakobswalde). This could be the estate (gut) on the road from Preuss Friedland to Peterswalde - and not far from Stretzin. Or it could be Jakubowo in Kries Konitz.

Remussin, Petron. Neukirch Schlochau 18113097 6041 766 2606

A woman living with 1 son over 12, 1 son under 12, 2 daughters under 12 and one male hired worker. This family was gone by 1788 when tax records find Martin Rotikowski occupying the farm where they lived (LDS 491206 p 622). Neukirch is near Konitz and Tuchel.


Tuchel Parish

The Remus family later moved to Tuchel parish; all are likely to be related to the above Remus family members.

Remus, Johann Wissoka Pulna Tuchel 18113124 6043 2457 18

There were 2 daughters under 12 (Christine and ?), one male hired worker, and 1 female hired worker. DG (vol 62, p 577) says this is Johan (Michael) Remus and his wife Eva Klotz; they were married in 1772. The daughter Christine is by his earlier marriage to Susanna. Both DG and the census say Johan was a shepherd. The Johan (Michael) Remus family later lived in the village of Komorz. This man is likely to be a son of Johan Remus of Lanken (see above). This village is near Wittstock (incorrectly shown as a Remus residence), Summin (see below) and Weilpin.

Remus, Michel Ockiersk Tuchel 18113128#131 6042 2540 734

Michel was living with wife, one son over 12 (?), 3 daughters over 12 (Eva Rosina, Barbara, and Catharine), 2 male hired workers, 1 female hired worker. This Michael originally lived in Pollnitz (see above) and migrated here around the time of the first partition of Poland in 1772. According to DG, this Michel was a muller (miller) in Wokerske (Ockeirsk) in 1776. An extension of the village was on a river suitable for a watermill.

Remus, Jacob Sumini Tuchel 18113123 6043 2453 34

Jacob lives with his wife (Marianne Hebal) and 3 sons under 12 (Jacob & ?). After the census, they had son Martin and daughter Catharina. Sometime after 1772, they lived in nearby Okiersk. Johan Jacob was the son of Michael of Okiersk above.

Gross Zirkewitz

Goltz, Friedrich Gross Zirkewitz Cammin 1811304760 6041 124 2581

Living with wife, yet to begat children in 1772. He was the father of Daniel Remus' wife.



Topola in the Netze district.

Remus Topola Grabionne - 12 - 221 Cammin Poland I 12 265

Living with wife, one son, one hired male farm worker. Says next to the father, either Schuster or it could be Schafer (shepherd) although it does not seem to go beneath the line enough to be a f. Grabbione is south of Wissek and a mile north of Wiessenhoele. This could be Martin Remus of Schwente’s son Lorenz and wife Anna Troi.

Ramus Runowo Grabionne - 11 – 220

In town of Topola there is a Remus, no given name, listed as a Schaefer, He is living with a wife, one son and one hired male worker.

I ran across a second in the town of Runowo, a Remus that is poorly written. It may not have gotten into the database because of the poor writing. There is no given name, but he is living with a wife, two sons, two daughters, two hired male workers, two female workers. Ten in household.



Christian Friedrich Remus and family moved to the Danzig area no later than 1769. He was the son of Frantz of Stretzin above.

Remus, Christ. Parchau Amt Karthaus 18011009 6034 324 327

Remus, Christ. Parchau Karthaus 18011009 6037 309 327(duplicate)

Christian Remus lived with his wife (Anna Dorothea Romer), one son (Johan Friedrich), one daughter (Maria Gottiebe) and two hired male workers; there were six in household. Parchau is the Polish Parchowo between Bytow and Sulecayno far inland from Danzig.

There was also Georg Remus, a medical doctor, who lived in Langfuhr just north west of Danzig. He seemed to be the last of the descendents of Pastor Martin Remus of Danzig that stayed around Danzig. The two candidates for Georg are:

Remus, Jacob Suckschin Oliva Kreis Dzg. Hohe 18011042 6037 621 1683

(Perhaps a misreading of his Christian name) One male A and one male B and one female A and two females B. I think the A refers to adults and the B to minors. Five in household. This village is Zuchcin or Sukowo in Dzg. Hohe near Oliva.

Reman, Gerge Meistwewalde Oliva 18011046 6036 371 3408

(Perhaps a misreading of his family name) There was one male over 12, one male under 12, one female over 12, and two females under 12. Thus, there were parents, a boy and two girls.

Also in the area:

Remus, Christ. Salau Oliva 18011045 6036 348 1710

Remus, Christ. Salau Oliva Kreis Dzg. Hohe 18011045 6037 717 1710

One male under A. one female under A. These are the adult marriage partners. No children. Christ Remus is also listed as a "Toepfer", the "o" being an umlaut. This village is probably Seelau in Kreis Neustadt near Oliva. The alternate name is Mielke's Bruch. In any case they attended Catholic Church in Gohra or Lutheran Church in Bohschau.


Kreis Schwetz

Remis, Michel Schlachta Schwetz 18113109#153-56 6042 1854 248

Remis, Michel Schlachta Schwetz 18113109#153-56 6042 1854 283

Michael, living with wife, no children (This is Michael and Anna Remus of Szlachta)

Remus, Johan Skrzynka Schwetz 18113103#14 6042 2232 568

Living, with wife and one son and two daughters.

Remus, Michel Pustkowen Schwetz 18113109 6042 224

This page is part of a group of pages that are hand written and for some reason no other family stats.


Between Kreis Schwetz and Danzig

Remus, ? Kehrwalde Osiek 18011047 6036 412 1730

Living, with wife, one son under 12, two daughters under 12. Listed as "Schaefer" and Schaeferknecht.

Remus, Adam Buccowitz Ossieck 18011048 6037 773 1740

This record seems to contradict the one below. This one says Adam Remus is living with a wife, one son and two daughters.

Remus, Adam Buchowietz Ossiek 18011048 6037 116 42 1740

Shows one adult male and adult female. No sons but the daughter column is cut off on my printed copy.


Reimus, Frantz Bankau Neuenburg 18113082 6041 305 2152

Living, with wife, one daughter under 12. Frantz Reimus is listed as a "Dorfkathen". I think this is day laborer, if I remember correctly.

Reymus, Jacob Pogutky Schoeneck Berent 18011053 6038 77 (2) 29

Reymus, Jacob Pogutky Schoeneck Berent 18011053 6036 821 372

Two males over 12, none under 12; one female over age 12 and one female under 12 years. Four in household.


Reymus, Mich. Kobyle Schoeneck Berent 18011053 6038 69 (2) 23-Nov

Reymus, Mich. Kobyle Schoeneck Berent 18011053 6036 788 366

Different form used: One male under a. one male under b. For females: one under a. two under b. I take this to mean that a. is the adult parent and b. is the children. Also it says this Mich. Reymus is an "Eigenth." or owner. After his name "Kruger" So he was brewer or had something to do with the tavern.

Remos, ? Schwaroczin Amt Dirschau 18011023 6035 191 20

Remos, ? Schwaroczin Dirschau 18011023 6037 357 2046

Living, with a wife, one son and two daughters, five in household.



Other Interesting People


Schwichtenberg, Christ. Woziwodda Tuchel 18113124 6043 2459 16

The household is one man, one female (his wife Dorothea Elisabeth Bahr), 2 daughters under 12 (Catherine and ?) , one male youth hired worker and one female hired worker; he is a tenant of an estate. Catherine married Johan Remus of Summin.

Klotz, Christian Woziwoda Tuchel 18,113,124 6042 850

The household is one man, one woman (his wife Dorothea Warmbier), and no sons or daughters listed, he was an "instleute" - meaning day laborer. His daughter Eva was already married. Eva married Johan Michael Remus of Summin.

Bonin, Andreas Grunow Cammin 18113047 6039 161 9

The household is one man, one woman (his wife Esther Jescke), 3 sons (Peter, Andreas and ?), 3 daughters (Anna, Maria Elisabeth, and ?), one male hired worker and one female hired worker; Andreas was a miller . Maria Elisabeth married Franz Remus, miller and schultz of Okiersk. Franz was the son of Michael Remus of Okiersk above.

Census Notes:

LDS does not have these records. The only other place you could find them is in the Johann Herder Institute in Marburg, Germany or the State Archive in Marburg or the Scientific Institution library in Torun, Poland.

The number is a section number put on the page by the filming crew in 1962. It helps to clearly identity the names since there are so many names.

More detail for the above is provided by the March 1773 tax records of Krojanke district which is on lds microfilm 491164.


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