Evidence that the Remus Family of Kamenz Migrated to West Prussia around 1720


In the early 1700's the Remus family disappears from Kamenz, Saxony.

Remus family members subsequently appear in West Prussia. They have the same Christian names (Martin, Christian, George, Lorenz, and Andreas) in West Prussia as the Remus family of Kamenz, Saxony.

Their wives' family names in the West Prussia records (Nitz, Halweg, and Berent) appear also in the Kamenz records.

There are specific instances where particular people in West Prussia correspond to specific people of the same name in Kamenz (e.g. Christine Berent wife of Johan Remus).

Documents show Remus family members received small land grants from Augustus the Strong King of Saxony and Poland. Kamenz is in Saxony near the palace of Augustus in Dresden.

The 1717 Census of Neumark shows the Remus family living there. Neumark was an intermediate location between Saxony and West Prussia. Soon thereafter the Remus family disappears from Neumark. The Remus family largely disappears from Saxony prior to 1717 and first appears in West Prussia after 1720.

Remus family members were Burgers in Kamenz and thus had access to money. Documents show the Remus family buying privileges from Polish Nobles in West Prussia.


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August 11, 2008