Top Reasons Why the Remus Family

of Saxony Migrated to West Prussia

around 1720


The Great Northern War (1700 to 1720) was terribly destructive to Poland killing off more than a third of the population in Northern Poland.


Some Remus family members fought in the Great Northern War and became familiar with Northern Poland.


The Polish Noble families encouraged migration as they had a labor shortage.


Augustus the Strong of Saxony was also the King of Poland. His son was also the King of both Saxony and Poland after Augustus' death. They facilitated German settlements during the early 1700's.


The Remus family of Saxony grew up where both German and Wend (a Slavic dialect similar to Polish) were spoken. They could speak to the Polish residents.


The Remus family had numerous members who were Burgers in Kamenz and elsewhere in Saxony so they had some funding to buy privileges from the Polish Nobility in West Prussia (like to be a village Schultz).


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August 11, 2008