Georg Rem(us) at University of Altdorf


Georg Remus was a noted lawyer and academic that gained great fame is his time. He was from the Augsburg Rem(us) family but ended up at the University of Altdorf near Nuremberg. He was also instrumental in gaining university status for Altdorf. Ultimately he became the Vice Chancellor.

Georg published many articles on law and philosophy. Georg's most famous work was co-authored with Holy Roman Emperor (Kaiser) Charles (Carl) V. It was a codification of German law. (University of Leipzig Library 02963475 Karl <Römisch-Deutsches Reich, Kaiser, V & Remus, Georg Carolina: Nemesis Karulina) For more of the publications of Georgius, Click here. These were written in scholarly language of the prior millennium, Latin.

Georg Remus was not the only Remus to do academic writing (even when I do not including myself). Click here for a list of Remus publications from 1600 to 1900. Also, Georg was not the only Rem(us) to attend Altdorf. Click here for a list of other Rem(us) family members attending Altdorf.

Sadly, the University closed its doors in 1809.

You might note that much of the town was untouched by the war so many older buildings remain including the university building.

Click here for an old map of the town and old drawings and paintings.

Click here for a contemporary map of the town and contemporary pictures.



October 1, 2007