Jesewo Hauland (Jezewice), Kreis Schubin, Posen

Jesewo Hauland (Gesewo in many Polish records) is a self-governing village in which the houses were located in sandy soil along the main road. The Skorzewski family of Labischen owned this land and invited German cloth making families to settle on their unused land (the soil was sandy but cloth makers can grow flax on them); this was one of the villages they created. It is not a very exciting village. Here are two pictures of this village.



The village appears not to be a good place to farm so not unexpectedly many of the families left for Volhynia where the land was better and could be purchased. One of those families was the Harwardt family, that is, my great grandmother Wilhelmine Harwardt's ancestors. Click here for a short family tree of this family in the Labischen area.


Here is a map showing this village (top and center) and the area:


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October 8, 2010