Emerson, Manitoba


After farming in Gretna, Wilhelm Remus and his wife Maria Deutschlander moved to Emerson MB in October 1910 and farmed five miles north of the village on the Red River. For the story of their years of farming in Emerson, click here. Here is a picture of Wilhelm Remus:

And here is a picture of Wilhelm�s wife Maria Deutschlander:

Here are pictures of their original farmhouse; the current farmhouse is now relocated on higher land to avoid the flooding of the river and modernized a bit.

Grains like wheat are the major crops in this area. Also, Emerson was a minor rail town where an east-west Canadian railway and a north-south US-Canada railway met. So it was a great transshipment point as well as a strategic location for sending grains to the US. Here is a picture of the old main street as well as a railway bridge in the village of Emerson.

During this period, Wilhelm was also instrumental in the building of the Emerson Lutheran Church shown in the next picture:

Emerson Lutherans were also served by the Zion Lutheran Church in Friedenstal, Manitoba. Here is a picture of that church:

Wilhelm Remus and his wife Maria Deutschlander eventually retired in 1925 to the house shown below, located in Emerson village. For the story of their years in retirement, click here. It is now occupied by his grandson Arthur Remus shown on the right; his great grandson Joseph Remus is on the left.

On my visit to Emerson, I was hosted by Wilhelm's grandson Joe Remus (lower right - son of William Carl Remus) and was pleased to meet Wilhelm's other grandsons Dick Remus (upper right - son of Walter Remus) and Arthur Remus (lower left - son of Reinhold Remus) (I am in the upper left and the grandson of Wilhelm's brother Eduard). We are all shown in this picture on the steps of Wilhelm's farm in Emerson:


Click here to see the location of Emerson on the southern edge of Manitoba

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August 22, 2011