Babilon, Kreis Schlochau, West Prussia

Babilon was originally just a tavern on the road north from Konitz (it is named after Babylon from the Bible). Its location is at the center of the below map; it is labeled Babilon Krug:

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Here is a picture of the tavern (Krug) in 1919 courtesy of Bernd Reddies whose grandmother Marie Patzlaff was born in this village:

This tavern (Krug) still exists and has been converted into a private home by a retired forest ranger. Here is a picture:

Between the wars the border between Germany and Poland was at this Krug and so this was where traveler's papers were checked when they crossed the border.

The German troops who manned this border post stayed at Alt Rogonitza. The Polish troops stayed just across the road from the Krug. Their barracks is now a tourist resort with lots of old pictures and an interesting interior (and ice cream bars for the hot traveler). It is shown in this picture:



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September 3, 2006