Bernsdorf, Kreis Butow, Pommern





Bernsdorf (Ugoszcz) is a village in Kreis Butow, Pommern. It is near the border with West Prussia and Kreis Stolp so well connected to those places. Above you can see the location of the two churches (the clear one is the Lutheran and the smudged one at the intersection of the two main roads is the old wooden Catholic one) and the layout of the village. Note there appears to be no manorial estate here.


My interest in this village is that there was a Remus family there. Johan Remus and Agnes Gerzewska of Studnitz (a nearby village that was part of this Bernsdorf parish) had many children like Marianne Remus wife of Michael Jendral, Augustina Remus wife of Johan Hapke, Catherina Remus wife of Johan Eckmann, and Juliana Remus wife of Joseph Rudnik.All these children were married in the Bernsdorf church and many of Johan and Agnes� grandchildren were baptized here.


Here is a picture of the old wooden Catholic Church:




And following is a picture of the altar of this church:




Here are pictures of the pulpit and a view to the rear of the church from the altar:




Also to be found in the church are a set of painted wooden displays used for parades as a part of religious observances. Here is one of Mary:



There is also a Lutheran church in the same village. It is now unused and hence locked up but here are two pictures of that church:




Here is a typical house from the village:



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September 1, 2014