Studnitz, Kreis Butow, Pommern



Studnitz (Stuczience) was a village associated with the churches in nearby Bernsdorf. The village was along the main road with a slight cluster at the center of the village. There was a Lutheran chapel there which is shown on the map.


My interest in this village is that there was a Remus family there. Johan Remus and Agnes Gerzewska of Studnitz who married in 1824 had many children like Marianne Remus wife of Michael Jendral, Augustina Remus wife of Johan Hapke, Catherina Remus wife of Johan Eckmann, and Juliana Remus wife of Joseph Rudnik. All these children were married in the Bernsdorf church and many of Johan and Agnes´┐Ż grandchildren were baptized here. Also in the village were Paul Boryszkow and his wife Brigite Remus as well as Gottlieb Trep and with wife Anne Remus. Johan, Anna, and Brigite were likely siblings.


Here are two pictures of the street in the center of the village:




The village had a small Lutheran chapel at its center. Here are pictures of the chapel:






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September 1, 2014