Falkenberg, Kreis Pyritz, Pommern



The Boggs family lived in worked in this village. We first found this out when Michael Boggs records showed him living here following the First World War and prior to migrating to North America.


Falkenberg was a manorial estate; the barns and estate house can be seen in the above map. It was owned by the von Wedell family who also owned Furtensee. Following the Second World War it was converted to a state farm. Later yet it was sold to a corporate farming company. Here is a picture of the entrance to the farm and a building used as part of that farm:





Here is a picture of the road in front of the farm:




Just outside the old estate were the homes for the workers. Here is one that was typical of worker houses in the time Michael Boggs was here:



Here are workers homes from the state farm era:



There is also a church in the village. The original church was very old and nearly destroyed in the Second World War. I would guess that it looked like the old church in Furtensee. Here is a picture:




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September 1, 2014