Forstenau (Gwiezdzin), Kreis Schlochau, West Prussia

Forstenau is a village at the center of Kreis Schlochau with modern Remus connections (which unfortunately I cannot link to the older families that I am tracking). The Jesuits originally owned the village so there is only a Catholic Church.

The earliest Remus related record that I know about is when Kruger (innkeeper) Erdmann Hahlweg from Rosenfelde bought half a farm in this village in 1768. Erdmann's son married the widow of Johan Ludwig Remus, the Kruger in Buchholz, Kreis Schlochau.

Here is some of the more modern Remus family information.

Here is the picture:

Here are two pictures of the old center of the village and the oldest two houses there:


The Forstenau church dates from 1754 with an extension added in 1826. Here is a picture of the church.


Here is a picture of the graveyard for this village:

 Here is 1914 map of the village:



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August 12, 2008