Buchholz (Bukowo), Kreis Schlochau, West Prussia

Buchholz was a manorial village just east of Preuss Friedland; there was no church in the village prior to 1900. Although those with Remus family name lived here briefly (Johan Ludwig Remus was Kruger here around 1791), the Remus genes persisted Also the Klawiter family has had a great impact on the Remus family. The Klawiter family was a well-known family and had many members that were village heads (schulz). The village dates back to the 15th century. Here is a map from the 1930's.

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Here is an important Remus family record from the 1772 land census:

Klawiter, Peter Bucholtz Schlochau 18113096 6041 743 42

This was widower Peter Klawiter who married Susanna Remus in Runowo in 1765, she was the daughter of Lorenz Christoph Remus of Lukowo and later Gnielke. Peter Klawiter had acquired the privilege of owning the inn and tavern in April of 1764; this privilege dates from a 1664 grant to Urban Rapp. Click here to see the document showing Peter acquiring the privilege (page 1, page 2, page 3, page 4, page 5 and page 6). The images may appear too big on your screen so download them to set your desired mix of size and clarity. Click here for the descendents of the Lorenz Christoph Remus family including the Klawiter-Remus family.

Later Peter Klawiter and his wife Susanna moved to Zbosse and he became Schultz for the village (Susanna's uncles were the Schultzes of Zbosse since 1718). The 1772 census found Peter Klawiter, Susanna, two sons (Martin and Johan), one daughter (?), two hired male workers, and one hired female worker; there were eight in household in Buchholtz in 1772.

The move to Zbosse was accomplished by a swap of the Klawiter's interest in a Krug (Tavern) in Buchholz for cousin Johan Ludwig Remus' interest the Zbosse Schultz (the privilege to head a village) and Schultzengut (village head's estate). This tavern was likely at the intersection of the two major roads at the center of the village shown in the first picture below. Soon after Johan Ludwig Remus became the Kruger, he died leaving the Krug to his wife Eva Koeppen. Click here for the descendents of the Peter Remus including Johan Ludwig Remus.

Eva remarried and the Krug passed on to another family (first she married Johan Halweg and then Andreas Janke) since Johan and Eva did not have children together. Her last husband Andreas Janke's mother is likely Dorothea Elisabeth Remus daughter of Lorenz Remus and his wife Anne Marie of Pollnitz so the Krug stayed in the Remus family. This Lorenz Remus is not the Lorenz of Vorwerk Lukowo; click here for the descendents of Lorenz Remus including the Janke family and millers in Schworngatz.


The Buchholz tax list for about 1815 is available, Click here to see it the Adobe Acrobat. The Lutheran church records can be found in the Battrow (Batorowo) churchbooks.

Here is an 1850 map of the village:

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Here are pictures of the modern village.



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