Gostomie, Kreis Karthaus, West Prussia

The Stendsitz (Stezyca) church book contains Jacob Ernst Remus and Christian Remus family records dating from the 1730's from the village of Gostomie. It is uncertain what happened to these Remus family members but I believe Marianne Remus who married Matthais Litterski in Gryzbau was a member of this family. The Remus family certainly was in this village for the West Prussia Land Census of 1772. Here is this family

1. STEZYCA PATRIARCH1 REMUS Prior to these records, we see Martin, Christian and Lorenz appearing as baptism witnesses starting in 1734. So assuming the Christian who was a witness was also a son of the patriarch, then the patriarch's name should be either Martin or Lorenz.

Also, a Sophia Remusowna appears as a witness and is listed as a virgin later maybe Sophia the wife of Christian Benke in a May 8 1740 baptism.


2. i. JACOB ERNEST2 REMUS, b. Bef. 1714.

3. ii. CHRISTIAN REMUS, b. Bef. 1722.

Generation No. 2

2. JACOB ERNEST2 REMUS (STEZYCA PATRIARCH1) was born Bef. 1714. He married SOPHIA WIFE OF JACOB REMUS Bef. 1734. She was born Bef. 1716.

Children of JACOB REMUS and SOPHIA REMUS are:

i. MICHAEL3 REMUS, b. 07 Sep 1732, Sarnowy, Koscierzyna (Berent), West Prussia1.

ii. JOHAN GEORGE REMUS, b. 10 May 1734, Niesiotowice, Stezyca, Karthaus, West Prussia2.

iii. JOHAN REMUS, b. 22 Jun 1735, Sarnowy, Koscierzyna (Berent), West Prussia3.

iv. BARBARA MARIANNA REMUS, b. 04 Oct 1736, Gostumie, Stezyca, Karthaus, West Prussia4.

v. ADALBERT REMUS, b. 23 Apr 1738, Gostumie, Stezyca, Karthaus, West Prussia5.


Baptism: Gp Christian Remus5

3. CHRISTIAN2 REMUS (STEZYCA PATRIARCH1) was born Bef. 17226. He married ANNA WIFE OF CHRISTIAN REMUS Bef. 1742. She was born Bef. 17246.


4. i. MARIANNA3 REMUS, b. 28 May 1742, Snice, Stezyca, Karthaus, West Prussia.

Generation No. 3

4. MARIANNA3 REMUS (CHRISTIAN2, STEZYCA PATRIARCH1) was born 28 May 1742 in Snice, Stezyca, Karthaus, West Prussia6. She married JOHAN PLENSKI 08 Sep 1758 in Snice, Stezyca7. He was born Bef. 17387.


i. CATHERINE4 PLENSKI, b. 28 Oct 1759, Snice, Stezyca8.


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Gostomie is located near a lovely lake deep in Kasubia but on sandy difficult land. Apparently the village was not based on a manorial farm but German farmers trying to get by on very poor land. It is likely the farmers did not pay any rent for the land that made it attractive. But apparently they arrived and soon departed. This seems to be the case also with the Jacob Remus family but I am not certain where they relocated. Here are some pictures of the buildings including the village store:



As noted earlier, residents long ago attended the Saint Catherine's Catholic Church in Stendsitz. However, now Gostomie has a small Catholic Chapel shown in these pictures:



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