Going to Danzig

My ancestors who were schultz like Peter Remus of Zbosse or Martin Remus of Schwente were often required by the privileg contract to go to Danzig on behalf of the owner of the land. In Peter's case, he needed to go to Danzig to sell the village grain and purchase salt for the landowners. Getting to Danzig with lots of heavy grain was no easy task as the roads were terrible (if even existent).

The best way to go is to use boats on the navigable rivers of Poland. The Vistula River which runs through Danzig is a fine river as is the Notec (Nitze) river which feeds the Vistula. Here you see the route from Konitz (near Zbosse) to Danzig.

Boats such as the following might be used to convey the grain on a big river.

However, getting to the big rivers might involve wagons (for as short of distance as possible given the quality of the roads) and smaller rivers. The Brahaa River running though Konitz may have served such a purpose. A smaller boat would have been needed such as the following:

The boats would have to return for another load so people like Peter might also ride back on the boats. His cargo of salt (from Krakow or Kolberg) would also be best carried on a boat.

In Danzig there were large grain storage buildings as well as a grain exchange at which to sell the grain. Here are pictures of the grain exchange building both inside and out:

And of a grain elevator for lifting the grain.


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August 11, 2004