Kehrwalde (Kierwalde), Kreis Marienwerder, West Prussia

Kehrwalde is an old manorial village near Skorz. The closest church was in Barlozno. Much of the village is now gone including the manorial farmhouse and only remnants of the mill remain. My interest in this village is the Remus family that lived there in 1772. Here is their 1772 land census record:

Remus, ? Kehrwalde Osiek 18011047 6036 412 1730

Remus is living with wife, one son under 12, and two daughters under 12. The Catholic Church records of Barlozno show Johan Remus and his wife Anna in the area. On 19 June 1768 his son Anton Johan is born in Kehrwalde and on 25 March 1771 his daughter Magalena Catherine Judith is born in Olszeriec. He is listed as "Schaefer" and Schaeferknecht (that is, shepherd � probably for manorial farms) in the census and also in the church records. There are no earlier records than 1768 so that is probably when Johan arrived (and a possible relative George Remus who married Maria Jeschioudaska in 1767 in Barlozno church and lived in Mirathe).

Here is a picture of the school built in 1915:



Here is the old mill site:

The residents could have attended the Skurz or Barlozno (Barloschno) church; they are also shown on this map:


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July 17, 2008