Osche (Osie) is a village in the pine forests of Kreis Schwetz and its economy has been based on lumber. It was the property of the Teutonic Knights for about 450 years starting in 1308. It was destroyed several times in the Swedish wars, notably in 1654. In 1820 the population was 259 and by 1905 it was 1824. Above is the Market Plaza at the center of the village.

The Catholic Church was built in 1821 and extended in 1902. Here are pictures of the church and its rectory:

My interest in the village are the Remus marriages, baptisms, and births that took place at the above church while it was still a Lutheran church. Mostly they lived in nearby Miedzno. Here is the genealogy of the Christian Remus family.


 Here is a map of the location of the village:


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July 17, 2008