Ostrowo, Kreis Tuchel, West Prussia

Ostrowo is a village near Ceksyn, Kreis Tuchel. The village name is from Ostrow (meaning an island) is mentioned in 1632, as a village with tar furnaces. After 1664 50% of furnaces disappeared. People preferred to change professions from farmers to tar producers because they were released from serfdom. The earliest documents come from starost office of Tuchola, which means that it was a royal property.

After becoming a part of Prussia in 1772, it became a royal Prussian property. Colonist started to come in groups from 3-10 people. They drained the nearby meadows. In 1876 there were 176 residents; in 1886 a school was established in Ostrowo.

On 8 Jul 1882 a new group of settlers arrived in Ostrowo. In 1884 amelioration works were carried out around Lake Popowko. In 1921 there were 40 houses with 379 residents, the majority of which were Polish ( 259).

There is no center of the village so here are pictures of two of the older buildings in the village:



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September 12, 2010