Pustkowen (Pustkowie)

Pustkowen (Pustkowie) is a small village of up to 20 separated houses with people trying to farm very sandy soil (currently there are only 10 houses). The village name means roughly desolate place in Polish. It is likely that it was set up for German peasants to develop land that had not yet been farmed. The villagers probably went to church in Skorcz.

This picture shows a house and the land:


My interest in this village is that Michael Remus lived there in 1772. Here is his 1772 land census record.

Remus, Michel Pustkowen Schwetz 18113109 6042 224

Unlike other land records, the page in the land records is part of a group of pages that are hand written and for some reason there are no family statistics.



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July 17, 2008