Schlachta (Szlachta)

Schlachta (Szlachta) is a village just south of Czersk and lying near the border of Kreis Tuchel and Kreis Schwetz; it is in Kreis Pruess Stargard. The village is first noted in 1644 and is associated with "black gold." That is tar based on pine tree resin. It located in very sandy soil and its only source of income is the production of lumber. It is well situated on a rail line so the lumber can be easily sent to marker. The population of this village in 1905 was 454 people.

This area became overpopulated relative to the resources in the mid 1850's and led to out migration.

My interest in this village is from the presence of Michael Remus in the 1772 land census. There were duplicate records and here are their contents:

Remis, Michel Schlachta Schwetz 18113109#153-56 6042 1854 248

Remis, Michel Schlachta Schwetz 18113109#153-56 6042 1854 283

Michael, living with a wife, no children.

The church records show Michael and Anna Remus in Szlachta during this period. Later records show the son of Michael Remus (Thomas) in nearby Ossoweg (Osowek). Also there are genealogical records for the Jacob Remus family of this village.

Here is a picture of the lumber company:

Here is a picture of the 1923 church and rectory located in an old inn and connected town hall:

Here are some houses on the village street:

 Here is a map of this village and Ossoweg:


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