Alt Sipory, Kreis Schubin, Posen

Alt Sipory dates back to the 14th century. It was a manorial village associated with the Jacobi family. Alt Sippory is in Kreis Schubin, just across the river from Nakel in Kreis Wirsitz. On this map you will see VW. Sipory which is actually the estate house of the Jacobi family

All that remains of the manorial farm is a linden grove.

The village land is sandy and the village is not very prosperous. The village contains an abandoned Lutheran Chapel.

My interest in Alt Sippory is that August Remus' first wife was Justine Jacobi. August was a blacksmith (schmidt) and working in the area; they had several children prior to her early death. August then moved north to Kreis Wirsitz and remarried to Rosine Piekarska. His family later migrated to the Chicago area in the 1890's.

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