Neutomischel (Nowy Tomysl), Kreis Neutomischel, Posen

Nowy Tomsyl was a private village developed in the 1780's to attract German farmers. Following are pictures of the market plaza in the village as well as houses:



The old Lutheran church depicted below is unusual in that it was laid out as a Greek cross rather the Latin cross floor plan. That is, a cross with four equal length arms. It thus had a very interesting and beautiful interior. Here are pictures:


My interest in this village results from the presence of the Remus family in this village; that family also lived in Rakwitz and Wielichowo. Here are details.


CARL AUGUST REMUS was born 1802. He married JOHANNA CAROLINA KRÖNERT 25 Oct 1827 in Neutomischel (Nowy Tomysl), Kreis Neutomischel. She was born Jul 1807 in Neutomischel (Nowy Tomysl), Kreis Neutomischel. CARL AUGUST REMUS:was a Shoemaker.


i. CARL FERDINAND WILHELM2 REMUS, b. 21 Dec 1828, Neutomischel (Nowy Tomysl), Kreis Neutomischel; m. JOHANNA AUGUSTE EMILIE HEINRICH, 11 Nov 1852, Rakoniewice/Rakwitz, Bomst; b. 1833.

ii. JOHANNA PAULINA REMUS, b. 17 Jun 1831, Wielichowo, Rakoniewice/Rakwitz, Bomst; m. GOTTLIEB GELLERT, 01 Nov 1854, Rakoniewice/Rakwitz, Bomst; b. 1832.

iii. CARL AUGUST ERNST REMUS, b. 12 Jan 1834, Wielichowo, Rakoniewice/Rakwitz, Bomst.

iv. CARL BERTHOLD REMUS, b. 04 Jan 1838, Wielichowo, Rakoniewice/Rakwitz, Bomst; d. 17 Jan 1838, Wielichowo, Rakoniewice/Rakwitz, Bomst.

v. CAROLINA HENRIETTA REMUS, b. 23 Aug 1839, Wielichowo, Rakoniewice/Rakwitz, Bomst.

vi. ERNST LOUIS REMUS, b. 07 May 1843, Wielichowo, Rakoniewice/Rakwitz, Bomst.

vii. EDUARD HERMANN REMUS, b. 31 May 1847, Podgora Powitz, Rakoniewice/Rakwitz, Bomst.




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