Tuchel (Tuchola), Kreis Tuchel, West Prussia

Tuchel was the administrative center for Kreis Tuchel. It was an old medieval town with city walls and narrow roadways in the old town. Here is a peek at the old town and old town walls:


The town had a market square in 2006 (a major renovation was being made in 2010), a Catholic Church, a Lutheran Church, and a synagogue. Here are some pictures of the 2006 market square:


The old Lutheran Church still exists and is being refurbished as a Catholic Church. This is likely the church that my great-grandfather August Wilhelm Remus was baptized in during 1842. This church was not far from Neutuchel where he was born. Here is a picture of that church:


For a Map of Tuchel and northeast of Tuchel including the Napolean Strasse (where August Remus apprenticed as a wagon maker), Click here for the Adobe Acrobat Version.



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November 7, 2006