Marienkirche (St Mary's) of Danzig

Marienkirche (St Mary's) of Danzig is the largest brick church in the world. It is also the central church for the entire area and the site of much turmoil following the Protestant reformation. And our Martin Remus played a part in these events.

Martin Remus was born in Meissen, Saxony in 1556 and sent as a pastor to Reichenberg Church near Danzig in 1584.

In 1595 he became a Pastor along with Thomas Fabricius at Marienkirche. Here is a picture of the interior of the church.


Click here to see a 1687 list of pastors including Martin in Acrobat.

His days were not peaceful. The religious conflict of the time involved not only Catholics but various Protestant groups including the Lutherans, Calvinists, and followers of Zwingli. This was not a simple secular question but a question that was intimately involved in the politics of the city.

Eventually in 1605 the fate of Martin Remus and Thomas Fabricius was decided in the city council meeting room below and they were reassigned to parish church. Click here for more on Martin's reassignment by noted scholar Michael Mueller.

Martin went on the finish his pastoral career at St Peter and St Paul's just outside the city wall.

When Martin died in 1623, he was buried in crypt 111 in Marienkirche. His body would have been under a slab like this with other pastors including Thomas Fabricius.

When the Russian troops took over Danzig at the end of the Second World War, they blew up most of the crypts in search of graves goods (including Martin's). Prior to rebuilding the church, the bones found in the wreckage were put into a common grave in the room shown below.

Click here for pictures of things inside the church from Martin's era.


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August 9, 2004