Danzig Site Information

This web site largely deals with the Martin Remus family of Danzig in the wake of the Reformation. The time frame is largely 1586 to 1770. Here is how to get directly to the topics - just click below.

General Information on Danzig

Martin Remus at Reichenberg

Martin Remus at Marienkirche in Danzig

Martin Remus at St Peter and Paul's in Danzig

The Remus family at St Catherine's and St Elisabeth's in Danzig


There is also information on:

The cloth making villages in the Netze River Valley

The Remus family in West Prussia

Many families in Volhynia (but especially the Remus and Hoffmann families)

The Poll and Leverenz families of Vorpommern (the Baltic coast of modern Germany)

The ancestors of the Lundgren/Sanberg/Sanborg family of MN and SK


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July 18, 2002