St Peter and Paul's in Danzig


In the midst of religious turbulence, the Danzig City Council met and around 1610 sent Martin Remus to St Peter and Paul's. He served there until he died in 1623. A Calvinist pastor followed him. He was buried in a crypt in Marienkirche.

The following picture was in a 1687 book on the history of the church in Danzig.


This old church was originally Catholic converted to Lutheran soon after Martin Luther posted his theses. Tiedemann Giese and Maurice Ferber were the last Roman Catholic priests of that church. The next priest there switched allegiance to the Catholic Church and promptly married.

The church was outside the main city walls of Danzig and was badly damaged in the Second World War. Being not a major church in Danzig, its restoration did not begin until about the year 2000. The church was just recently opened to visitor. Here are some pictures from the church.








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