Johanes August Andersson & Louisa Jonasdotter's Family

Johanes August Andersson & Louisa Jonasdotter's Marriage

Exhibit 2, bottom, shows the church census records (around 1870, page 55) of Johanes August Andersson and his family. Johanes August Andersson was born 2/6/1830 and baptized in Flisby parish church below (see also map). His wife Louisa Jonasdtr (Jonasdotter) was born on 11/15/1828 and was baptized in Balaryd parish church (see also map). They were married in Balaryd parish church below on 10/11/1862. He was 32 and she was 34.

Flisby Parish Church

Balaryd Parish Church


Johanes August Andersson & Louisa Jonasdotter's Children

On the same lines you see a note to refer to page 357 (Exhibit 3) of the 1870 census. In Exhibit 3 we note that Louisa and family had been place in the section for unwed mothers and their families. For more on the implications of this, click here. Carl Julius was born on 12/14/1854 and baptized in Barkeryd Parish church. Anders Johan (Andrew) was born on 4/18/1862 and also baptized in Barkeryd church. Both predate her marriage to Johanes August Andersson. The cross through the record shows the legimatization of the children with her marriage to Johanes August Andersson on 10/11/1862.

Back in Exhibit 2 you now note Carl Julius and Anders Johan (Andrew) plus Axel Victor (born 2/16/1864 and baptized in Barkeryd church) and Gustof Adolph (born 4/17/1866 and also baptized in Barkeryd church). Oscar Valfried was born on 5/24/1872 and is not shown on the 1870 census shown in Exhibit 2. As noted earlier, Louisa died on 1/1/1877; this left Carl Julius to raise boys of ages 14, 12, 10, and 4.

Johanes August Andersson & Louisa Jonasdotter Children's Emigration

Evert Jonsson (recall Evert the antiquarian earlier described) could find Barkeryd church immigration records for only two of the children. Axel Victor Johansson (later Sandborg) left in 1884; he described his profession as a farm hand. Oscar Valfried Johansson (later Sandborg) left in 1889 and also described his profession as a farm hand. Both sons said they were leaving by themselves (i.e., without a wife or family). The other sons (including Carl Julius) were not listed in the Barkeryd church immigration records so must has moved to somewhere else in Sweden (typically Goteberg, the immigrant jumping off point) for some time prior to leaving Sweden. As describe in the Museum this was common as it allowed money for passage to be earned in the big city first.

Johanes August Andersson's Lineage

The helper at Vaxjo assisted me in finding Johanes August Andersson's parents. It turns out that Johanes August Andersson's parents lived in Sonnerong Melangand village in Flisby parish. Johanes August Andersson's father was Anders Jonson who was born on 2/1/1796 and baptized in Barkeryd parish church according to the clerical records; the birth records show his birth date as 1/24/1796 and baptism 1/26/1796. Johanes August Andersson's mother was Maja (Maya) Lena Jonasdotter who was born on 4/17/1807 and baptized in Flisby parish; she is sometimes referred to in the church records are Maria Jonsdotter. They were married on 3/27/1829 in Flisby parish.

Johanes August Andersson's Siblings

Recall that Johanes August Andersson was born 2/6/1830 and baptized in Flisby parish church on 2/7/1830. Johanes August Anderssons siblings were Johannes (born 4/30/1834 in Flisby), Anders Magnus (born 11/18/1837 in Lommaryd parish), Carl Gustaf (born 1/1/1842 in Balaryd parish), and Sven Petter (born 7/14/1843 in Flisby). There was also a daughter, Anna Sophia, who was born on 10/14/1831 and baptized in Flisby parish. Anna Sophia appears in the census of 1840 but not the census of 1845; thus, she could have left home or have died. Since this was 1845 census information more children may have been born later. The family moved from Balaryd to Flisby parish in 1843 and resided in the village of Stenkar Mill.

So the above is Johanes August Andersson's parents and siblings. As we can see his father was from Barkeryd and Johanes August Andersson was born in Flisby parish. Thus, Johanes August Andersson returned to his father's home parish when he moved to Kramsang, a village in the Barkeryd parish.

Johanes August Anderssons Father's Parents and Father's Siblings

Going one step further back, Johanes August Andersson's paternal grandparents were Jonas Johansson (born 1760 - no exact date or location) and Maria Jonsdotter (1775 - no exact date or location). Anders Jonson (recall he was born in early 1796 in Barkeryd) had siblings Johan (born 1794 probably in Barkeryd), Greta (born 1799 in Barkeryd), and Bengt (born 1802 in Barkeryd). The family lived in Basthult village in Barkeryd parish and in 1806 moved to Flisby.

Johanes August Anderssons Mother's Parents

As noted earlier, Johanes August Andersson's mother was Maja (Maya) Lena Jonasdotter (born 4/17/1807 and baptized in Flisby parish). Maja's parents were Jons Pehrsson (born 7/10/1770 in Flisby) and Anna Nilsdotter (born 2/23/1769 also in Flisby); her parents were married in 1791.

Johanes August Anderssons Mother's Siblings

Maja Lena siblings were Lena (born 6/2/1796 in Flisby), Stina (born 3/24/1799 in Flisby), and Israel (born 11/21/1804 in Flisby). Her family lived in Stora Tofta village in Flisby parish. The church records of 1813 use the name Maria instead of Maja.

Johanes August Andersson's wife, Louisa Jonasdotter

As noted earlier, Johanes August Andersson's wife, Louisa Jonasdotter, was born on 11/15/1828 and was baptized in Balaryd parish church. In Violet Brudelie's letter of 9/10/94, she provided me with further details on Louisa Jonasdotter. The details are as follows:

Louisa Jonasdotter's Parents

Louisa was the daughter of farmer Jonas Swensson (born in 1791 in Haureda; he died in 1857 in Balaryd) and Maja Stena Olafsdotter (born 1798 at Adelaf; she died in 1853 in Balaryd); they were married on 3/27/1829. The genealogical search I commissioned found a Jonas Swensson (born 2/3/1791 in Haureda parish); his parents were Sven Persson and Sara Johansdotter. The search was unable to find any details or even confirm the 1798 birth date of Maja Stena Olafsdotter of Adelaf parish.

Louisa Jonasdotter's Siblings and Their Families

Louisa's brothers and sisters included Daniel Jonasson (born 10/7/1825 in Vireda; died 11/13/1873 in Kristina parish), Carl Johan Jonasson (3/8/1833 in Balaryd), and Maja Lena Jonasdotter (born 12/17/1835 in Balaryd).

Louisa's elder brother Daniel Jonasson married widow Stina Jacobsdotter on 12/1/1854 in Sofia parish. Stina Jacobsdotter was born on 12/25/1812 in Barnarp; she had a daughter Christina Wilhelmina (born 9/9/1843 in Bankeryd) and son Johan (born 12/6/1845 in Bankeryd) by a prior marriage. They had a stillborn boy on 3/7/1856. They moved to Kristina parish in 1869; as noted earlier Daniel died there on 11/13/1873.

Louisa's younger brother Carl Johan Jonasson was a hired man on farms in the area. In Jarsnas in 9/25/1859 he married Fredrika Henriksdotter (born 7/16/1834 in Jarsnas). There children included Matilda (born 8/29/1860), Anders Gustaf (born 10/19/1862), Hedvig (born 11/6/1864; she died shortly thereafter on 4/29/1865), Johanna Christina (born 4/1/1866), Ida (born 12/27/1869), Carl Wilhelm (born 4/23/1872), and Alma Erika (12/8/1875). The first three were born at Bodanas farm in Jarsnas and the rest at Grason farm also in Jarsnas. Johanna Christina left for the US on 9/25/1886, Carl Wilhelm left on 2/4/1891, and Alma left on 2/29/1982. Interesting details on the above children include Louisa's niece Johanna (Hannah) Christina's marriage to Louisa's son Anders Johan (Andrew Sandborg); they later moved to Minnesota. Matilda married Lars Peter Johnsson in 1885 and subsequently moved to Canada.

Louisa's younger sister Maja Lena Jonasdotter serves as a maid at numerous farms in the general area of Berkeryd and, at least as of 1870, was unmarried.