Czamanin is one of the intermediate villages where the Spitzer family stayed as they migrated to Volhynia, arriving in Volhynia in 1833. The church records in Volhynia show Andreas Spitzer's wife Anna Justine Mandelski to be born in 1772 in this village in parish Radziejow. I still am not certain that the records are correct; that is, that she was born here. But I am pretty sure they lived here at least for a while. Their second child Andreas was born in Sosnowa Wola in that same parish; their fourth child Anna and fifth child Gottfried were likely born in Blenna. The other children were undoubtedly born in the area. The children were confirmed in Rawa. The nature of their migration suggests that they were not land holders but farm workers. Click here for the family genealogy.

In the case of this village, a Kolonie was set up outside the Polish village for the Germans to live in and farm in. The pictures below show apparently good land, but it was really sandy and life was hard. Also there were few trees in the area, so housing was made of clay.

Here are some pictures of the modern village and a much better life:



 Click here for more about the area and why the Germans would want to leave for Volhynia.

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September 17, 2007