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Krolikow (literally hare town) is in the Grudziec Parish between Poznan and Lodz. It is located off the main road to the left of Grudziec. It was originally along a main road in the typical form for the time (in German, it was a strassendorf in 1802 as shown in the following map):

It was originally a manorial village but by the 19th century the residents were pretty spread out. In 1827 there were 23 houses and 265 people in the village.

Krolikow is an important village to me as this is the likely birthplace of my ancestor Christian Hoffmann and the church below is most likely where he was baptized. Christian's wedding documents in Rawa say that he was born in Kolonie Krolikowo. His death record says he was born in Grodziec parish. So we can be pretty certain this was his birthplace (click here for the alternative Krolikow). The alternative Krolikow is further north near Gniesno.

His parents were Andreas Hoffman and Rosina Rutke. Christian later migrated first to Stanislowow near Rawa (the parish church was in Czerniewiec) and then onward to Volhynia in the Ukraine.

Krolikow has a very beautiful church built in the 1700's that is just being restored as shown in the interior picture. The first church in this village was built in the 12th century. These are pictures of the church:




There were several Kolonies established here for Germans called Kolonie Krolikowo. So Christian might have been born in that Kolonie which was located two hundred years where these buildings were:

This is the farmland in the area so it was a good area for settlement:

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February 29, 2008