Zwadka near Klodawa in Russian Poland is one of the intermediate villages where the Johan Christian Deutschlander and Anna Dorthea Benke family stayed as they migrated to Volhynia, arriving in 1833. There were actually a new and old Zwadka (the above is old Zwadka) but the Deutschlanders lived in both. Many children were born to this family including Anna Louise Deutschlander who married Andreas Weidemann (ancestor of the Wiedemanns of Leduc AB).

Johan Christian Deutschlander's brother Gottlieb married Anna Fenner and lived in nearby Janow. This family also migrated to Volhynia; later their descendents Anna Marianna and Christoph migrated to Emerson, MB. Click here for the complete family tree.

The pictures below show apparently good land, but it was really sandy and life was hard. Also there were few trees in the area, so housing was made of clay. Here are some pictures of the modern village and a much better life:






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September 17, 2007